100% Natural Wool Filled Nursing Pillow & Positioner. Includes Cover.

100% Natural Wool Filled Nursing Pillow & Positioner. Includes Cover. Description

Many families raising a baby describe this item as a ‘must have.’ It also makes a great baby shower gift. VERSATILE. Recommended uses for this pillow: -Using the pillow after vaginal delivery while healing especially after experiencing a tear (the pillow helps relieve the pressure when the woman sits on the hole); -Nursing. Wrap the pillow around the waist and position the baby at your chest level. If the pillow is too low for you, use other pillows or blankets under this pillow until the baby is older; -Bottle feeding (mommies recovering from c-section surgery who may find it uncomfortable to have baby up against their incision); -Tummy time and teaching a baby to sit (wrap the pillow behind baby’s back when they are moderately stable sitting upright, the pillow provides cushion if the baby falls over). -Adults can use this pillow as a neck pillow or travel pillow (comes with a vinyl bag and is easy to carry while travelling). It can also provide a lower back support for a chair. Brest Friend pillow can only be used for nursing. NO BAD ODOR: No chemical, no barnyard smell. EASY TO CLEAN: Can be machine washed in cold water. If you wash Brest Friend pillow, it will shed chunks of foam and will become useless. BIODEGRADABLE: Wool pillows biodegrade when discarded at the end of its useful life whereas synthetics clutter landfills for a long time. Manufacturing of synthetics releases air pollutants. INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS. The wool used for this pillow was certified by independent international organizations OEKO TEX and WOOLMARK. These certifications mean that the wool used for this pillow is pure wool, the product does not contain any harsh chemicals. You can rest assured that your toddler will not be inhaling any toxic chemicals. Please avoid pillows filled with polyurethane foam. Foam is extremely flammable and is often treated with flame retardants which may be harmful for your baby. PACKAGING: Vinyl bag with handles and a tag on a metal chain.

100% Natural Wool Filled Nursing Pillow & Positioner. Includes Cover. buy

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