The mission of the Beaux Arts Foundation is to bring various forms of arts and humanities to the community of Lexington, advocate for the accessibility of arts and diversity to the general public, and to support charities that promote the livelihood of Kentuckians through public celebratory events.


The history of the Beaux Arts Ball begins in the 19th Century when the architecture community of the Ecole des Beaux Arts hosted the very first ball. The ball’s theme called for creativity and imagination beyond the scope of tamed human minds. Such wild and taboo activity opened doors for future generations. Almost two hundred years later the celebration continues in Lexington.

Lexington began its own Beaux Arts Ball in 1969, which has grown in popularity throughout the years as the tradition continues. Visitors come to explore creativity, enjoy music and spectacle, and celebrate camaraderie.

The Beaux Arts Foundation has raised thousands for charities. The Beaux Arts Foundation is one of the largest student-run non-profit organizations in the state of Kentucky. The idea behind the Beaux Arts Foundation is to promote diversity and originality while indulging in various performing talents from across the nation, but particularly the Lexington area as performers typically include local musicians and artists.

  • 19th century- Ecole des Beaux Arts hosts first Beaux Arts Ball
  • 1969- Lexington begins its own Beaux Arts Ball
  • 2007- Foundation donates $13,000 to local charities
  • 2012- Foundation donates $45,000 to local charities
  •          – Ball hosted 300+ Architecture Students from AIAS Midwest Quad Conference
  • 2015- Foundation partners with TriFection Entertainment
  •          – AIAS Midwest Quad Conference in Lexington for the second time


In Lexington, KY, Beaux Arts Foundation hosts multiple events to promote the arts while raising money for charities in the area. Events hosted by the Beaux Arts Foundation have included the Beaux Arts Ball and Fall Ball among countless others.